Calling All Socialites

As 2015 kicks off, questions concerning New Year’s Resolutions seem to hang in the balance. For many this beginning is a time to set new goals and improve on the previous year’s plan. One of the most common resolutions involves getting back into, or starting an exercise plan. If you are looking for a new […]

On The Fly: The Must Try Class

The Fit Chick (noun): a person who hits the gym; tries the latest fitness classes; has a hella good bod. When shopping for The Fit Chick on your list, look for pieces that are breathable and support their level of activity. Choose items that have a pop of colour and are figure flattering to show […]

Toronto Hideaways: Top Places to Hibernate

The Hibernator (noun): a person who seeks the comfort of a cozy couch; one who stays inside on cold days; an avid tea drinker. When shopping for The Hibernator on your list, look for pieces that are knit and soft to the touch. Choose items that are comfortable and cozy. With the winter season finally […]

Holiday Cheer: Active Couture™ For Every Occasion

The Trendsetter (noun): one with cutting edge style; a slave to fashion; a person who is sought after for their fashion sense. When shopping for The Trendsetter on your list look for items that incorporate the latest trends off the Fashion Week runways. Choose items that have interesting detail and a bit of sparkle. As […]

Baby It’s Cold Outside: A Guide To Winter Dressing

The Cold Bearer (noun) – a person who loves to see the temperature drop; one who loves winter; a sucker for sweater weather. When shopping for The Cold Bearer on your list, look for pieces that are breathable and have moisture wicking capabilities. Choose items that have are warm and minimize bulk when layered. Known […]


#WomanCrushWednesday A public speaker, mentor, and the founder/owner of DivaGirl Fitness. Laura is also an international Dancer, Instructor, Performer and Choreographer trained in various genres of dance. With over twenty-six years’ experience in dance and fitness, she has made a presence across North America and Europe, including Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Ukraine and Portugal.  Laura is […]

What To Pack: A Stylish, Sweaty Guide For Your Getaway Carry-on

The Explorer (noun) – a person who takes chances; one who loves adventure; someone who leaves no stone unturned. When shopping for The Explorer on your list look for comfortable, multi-purpose pieces. Chose items that can be layered and are easy to pack. Having been back to post-summer routines and schedules for a few months […]


With the holiday season just around the corner we have been working hard putting the finishing touches on our Holiday launch. Look for our must-have holiday gift guide to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. This year our winter collection is full of active pieces that are endlessly versatile and fun, making […]


Big cities like Toronto are home to many multitaskers. Rushing to the office for that 9am meeting, squeezing in a workout and running to make that late dinner date. It’s all in a day’s work really. When every minute counts there isn’t always time primp post-workout. You don’t have to sacrifice style before dashing off […]


#WomanCrushWednesday A strength conditioner personal trainer and owner of Jenna Rose Fitness and Fit boutique bootcamp. She is passionate about helping others achieve their fitness and personal goals; unleashing their potential and becoming their happiest and healthiest version of themselves. Jenna is a happy-go-lucky trainer and bootcamp instructor who loves to dance travel, meditate and […]