#WearItWednesday: Heart Leggings

With its sheer cutouts, super stretchy fabric and sleek appearance, Titika’s Heart Leggings are the perfect staple that bring the ‘wow’ factor to any workout and day out. During my trip to NYC about a month ago, I practically lived in these leggings! I wore these babies for my 3am airport arrival but it was […]

Back To The Grind Contest

BACK TO COOL. Even if your collegiate days were long before you could snap it, post it and like it, the fall is always the perfect time to get back to the daily grind. What better way to get back down to business than with an iPad mini?  Winning has never been easier, just follow […]

The Ultimate Summer Yoga Playlist

What makes the perfect soundtrack to my summer yoga practice? This mix! The tunes in this playlist remind me of some wonderful summer moments in my life. There’s some nostalgia, with a mix of fresh grounding music. The mix starts off with some Canadiana – the Good Lovelies. The tight harmony of their voices is […]


You wake up at the ungodly hour of 5:00am, you somehow put your clothes on (seriously, how did you get your socks to match?) and you race to the gym to cram in a pre-work workout. You enter to a packed gym—your core workout has now turned you into a ball of anxiety. Deep breathes. […]

What to Wear for What Workout

Any avid gym-goer will tell you that sporting the right clothing can be the difference between enjoying a great sweat sesh and an hour of pure torture. Sure, cotton fabric is comfortable- but the more you sweat, the more perspiration the material traps, weighing down the garment which then ends up sticking to your skin.  […]

How To Wear It: The Boomerang Bomber

New item alert! Behold, the jacket that will become the cornerstone of your late summer to autumn wardrobe! Titika’s Boomerang Bomber puts a trendy spin on the classic bomber jacket and features dark camouflage and leather sleeves for a truly chic, versatile and on-trend layering piece.   HOW TO WEAR: STUDIO Titika’s Boomerang Bomber is perfect […]

How to Host a Killer Picnic

This is your official Titika guide to hosting the perfect picnic this summer. We’re offering up our best advice to enjoy dining al fresco with your favourite people in your favourite park. Across this great country there are so many beautiful spots to spread out your picnic blanket and bask in the sunshine. With this […]

Four Cocktails as Hot as the New York Weather

My love of everything and anything—I mean anything— spicy can probably be attributed to my Punjabi heritage. Fries? I need hot sauce. Sushi? Wasabi and spicy mayo please. Burgers? Jalapeños, load them up! Cocktails really aren’t any different. I like my drinks spicy—like really spicy, like make-my-nose-run-and-eyes-water kind of spicy. It’s a necessity. During my […]

An Introduction to Cold-Pressed Juice & How to Prepare for Your First Cleanse

This summer, rather than reaching for an iced coffee or pop, why not substitute with a cold-pressed juice? I’m not talking about the artificially flavoured, sugary fruit beverages you can find at the supermarket, nor the mass-produced fruit juice which has been potentially sitting for weeks (if not months) on a grocery store shelf in […]

Sweat-proof Summer Makeup Tips

Well, we’re officially into the dog days of summer. The sweltering heat and high humidity can make the mid-summer months feel like one big beauty disaster- and if you’re anything like me, you have very little tolerance for foundation sweating off your cheeks, runny mascara and brows that won’t stay put. I know the struggle […]